BiiDTE palm vein biometric system customization

The palm vein biometric system integrates palm vein biometric management and palm vein comparison services, and can provide third-party manufacturers with accurate biometric identity authentication technology services. The system supports offline comparison and cloud comparison. The offline comparison can support up to 10,000 people on a single machine, and the cloud comparison is not limited by the number of people. The storage format supports two methods of venous blood vessel visualization model storage and eigenvalues.

This system has been successfully applied to the personnel identification of the payment system, which can completely eliminate the account password for login, and is more secure than the account password.

Palm vein biometric device customization

It can be customized according to user needs, providing two hardware solutions of ARM architecture and x86 architecture.It supports three operating systems--Android, Linux and Windows.We develop application software according to user needs and scenarios.

Enterprise management system customization

This system is specially developed for production-oriented enterprises,and realizes informationized enterprise management in every respect.On the basis of integrating the traditional OA system, ERP system, CRM system and document management system, the enterprise's full information management system is integrated and developed.This system perfectly suits for the business of users.